Thursday, February 25, 2010

All the World's A Stage

Now it is Not So Hot. Which is a helluva relief because this blog was in Grave Danger of becoming an offshoot of The Weather Channel.
I'd much rather focus on Walking You Through My Week which is sadly being disrupted by the Annual Swimming Carnival tomorrow at a disgusting treeless suburban Municipal Swimming Pool some miles away from our Splendid Harbour Location. There are no proper lattes served at this Swimming Pool.
I am desperately trying not to Dread It too much as I've made a commitment not to keep on dreading things.
Of course my Greatest Wish would be a torrential downpour that involved hail & perhaps even sleet, even though I don't really know what that is. And maybe an electrical storm as well which would make the outdoor venue an Occupational Health & Safety Nightmare & we'd all have to go home.
Actually, I shouldn't whinge because I am on the Refreshments Team. All I have to do is fill the urn up with water, turn it on, & then make a whole lot of undrinkable instant coffee & tea. And then get kids to take it around to the Bleeding Martyrs of the School, the Real Teachers, who spend the entire day selflessly hunched over their stop watches & clipboards whilst being splashed to death by half-assed freestylers.

This week has been a Week of Dresses. All of course from 'Bednobs & Broomsticks'.
The Beauty & Wonder of buying them there is that they are V. Cheap.
Take the Vision in Pink Dress at the top which I wore on monday to teach my senior class the Seven Ages of Man speech from 'As You Like It'. The dress was five bucks. It had a 'Target' label which never endears me, & it also violated one of my Cardinal Rules for middleagedteacher dressing which is that it had a slight puff sleeve. In fact, the dress looked a little Heidiesque all round. Rosalind, the Drama Teacher reminded me that she also had the dress but had stopped wearing it because she thought it made her look like a barmaid.
I gasped. But then she quickly went to assure me that I didn't. Tactful.

And then there's today's Prom Dress. That's the red accordian pleated number above.
A student seated in the front row had to move to the back because she said that the colour was too bright & it was affecting her eyesight & her concentration. She also looked as if she was going to be sick. Then another student claimed to have the exact same dress in black which she said she bought with her mother in Chinatown for a couple of hundred dollars.
I paid twenty. I felt a little smug. But then slightly queasy that perhaps I'm dressing:
(a) for a cocktail party at 8.30 on a thursday morning;
(b) too young.
Luckily, the Queasiness quickly passed.

Am now dangerously close to Designated Bedtime.
Cut to the Chase.
Note Large Flower. Almost a Signature Look.
Dress thrifted two years ago from 'BednobsEtc'. Thought it was on Last Legs.
Decided against it. Relief.

Sandals from 'BednobsEtc'. Great late addition to Summer Footwear. Love wearing pink & red together. Such a Renegade.

Here's a detail from another recent school painting.
Hope weather isn't too dreadful for 'Blogging Babe'. Will think of you in sub-zero temps while I am frying at the Hateful Suburban Treeless Swimming Pool.


Rebecca said...

I think I'll join you in your commitment Not To Dread Things. Any tips you can pass my way would be Helpful and Greatly Appreciated.

As for the comments of Drama Teacher and Child in the Front Row, let them not deter you from Originality and Verve. These two are great deterrents to Dread (or so I've been told).

A view of your fashion this week has done much to diminish MY dread -- already.

Kasmira said...

I'm digging the prom dress. It appears to be a very nice shade of red on the monitor. Perhaps your student was overdramatic?

see you there! said...

My favorite is the print with the big flower and the red shoes. I really like red shoes.


Radostin said...

ok, i had to tell you that i read this post whilst battened up against a torrential downpour complete with hail (i beleive sleet is a mixture of snow and rain, so i don't have that - just hail and rain), with thunder, lightning, and howling winds that are making the rain at times almost horizontal. it was odd to read on your blog a description of what i see out my window here in Jerusalem!
great blog, by the way. i love your style!

Anonymous said...


Della Street Dreaming said...

Rebecca, we'll both help each other not to Dread Things. I think we all need Support for such endeavors.
Kasmira - glad you like the prom dress - coming from you, I take this as a big compliment1
Hi, Radostin - always wanted to go to Jerusalem. Thank you for your lovely comments