Saturday, February 20, 2010

More Than This

I know that I'm always late in reporting news.
But I have a Holographic View of Time. I'm not sure that I totally understand what that means, but I know that I have it.
Please feel free to use this expression at will. I'm sure it will come in handy when Explaining Tardiness to friends, family & work colleagues.

Look look look, above. It is the cover of an Australian Magazine called 'Rush'. I'm not sure why its called that. Maybe because of the Big High that readers get each month when they excitedly peruse the pages. More like a Big Yawn.
Now that was Quite Nasty.
Anyway, the magazine is from some time last year. I've only recently come upon it because it was part of a Large Pile that my friend Sherman gave me last week. He's in PR. Magazines are the lifeblood of His Industry.
I stared at the model on the cover. I thought she looked surly.
I looked again. Something was happening to me. But I knew not what.
Then I looked inside.
I found an article about her.
Her name was Daul Kim. She said that she liked to treat herself with a Fur Coat once in a while because she was miserable (or a word like that) most of the time.
Soon, I became aware that My Internal Computer had begun an Unsolicited Search.
In no time, Unsolicited Search Results popped up:
This person killed herself.
I then looked again at the cover.
I couldn't believe the text - 'More Than This'.
How right were they?


Rebecca said...
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Rebecca said...

I'm so anal. I had to delete previous attempt to get a punctuation error corrected

There's been a lot of that in the news lately (you've probably noticed) and I don't mean buying Fur Coats.

While you start out in your usual hilarious way (and I have taken note of that term "Holographic View of Time" to pull out in explaining myself in the near future)), you end with a Very Astute Observation.

Thank God (literally) there IS More Than This.

Rebecca said...

OK. I left off a period (and there are probably some other oversights). But I'm not going to delete and repost my comment.

I MAY be in the market for a fur coat, however.

janavi said...

Very sad. And also about McQueen.