Thursday, February 4, 2010

Simply Scads to Say

1. Welcome to my Bali Shrine.
I suppose I really should get off Bali, but I just can't help milking it for as long as I can.
And you know, its not as if I haven't got anything else to tell you.
I've got Simply Scads of Stuff to Say.
Like, how hot its been. Or how I'm experimenting with wearing Eye Shades to bed so I can be more like Holly Golightly in 'Breakfast at Tiffanys'.
Or how I'd really like to wear my hair in a French Roll just like Holly G. again, but I don't know how .
Or the Craft Afternoon I'm hosting on Sunday. I know its sounds a little twee, but sitting around with a group of perhaps other women who are all engaged in some kind of artistic/crafty endeavour makes me long to join The Amish. Not that I could really stand to because I absolutely would not be able to wear The Outfits.

This will be my fourth Craft Afternoon. Their beauty is that you don't have to particularly like any of the other people or indeed have much in common with them, but for some reason it just Works Like Magic. I never want to leave or for anyone to go home & could happily continue Crafting & slurping cups of tea & idly chatting for ever.
No wonder women for thousands of years Quilted or Pickled together.

I'd love Dinner Parties to be more like Craft Afternoons. Between courses, guests could take out their Special Little Projects & work on them. I bet the conversation would flow more easily.

Anyway, DO look at my shrine.
Take a Moment to Marvel at the wooden Ornamental Prawn Napkin Holders that feature prominently & the rather frightening God (Garuda?) who is sporting an Extra Eye in between his wings.

2. A Slight Beauty Note.
In Bali, Jenny never went out the door without using her Hair Straightener which she purchased at the airport for ten bucks. Talk about value for money! She claims to have Disobedient Hair that has to be Strictly Disciplined with the modern hair version of the Cat 'O Nine Tails.
I, of course didn't avail myself of The Straightener as I'm always desperate to be mistaken for Goldie Hawn. Which is perhaps a little inflated of me.
In the picture below, 'No 6 Black Bali Ensemble', my hair is wet which explains its Rat Like Appearance.
3. Frog Bathing.
I do so love this picture, as none of my middleaged crepery or dimples or whatever they are are visible. If you don't know what I'm talking about, don't worry, you will one day.
Anyway, this photo reminds me of all the Body Balance classes that I've attended over the past couple of years.
Last week, Kieran, my almost favourite instructor said something that still rings in my ear & I would like to share it with you.
We were all lying on the floor with our legs at ninety degrees for the Pilates section of the class. Kieran then instructs us to 'squeeze your butt cheeks together sooo hard that you could crack a walnut between them'.
Gross but Effective.


annabelleblue said...

gorgeous photo sue, love it. anna

Rebecca said...

Those Gross but Effective Pilates moves payed (or is it paid) off famously from the looks of your Frog Bathing picture.

Seriously, the black plan worked out beautifully. You look like a competent tourist - fresh and appropriate for a variety of activities. It really was a wise plan.

see you there! said...

I do so like your shrine and I'm terribly sad that I cannot attend your crafting afternoon. I'm currently crocheting flowers. I have No Idea what I'll do with them but I'm having fun.


Della Street Dreaming said...

thanks Anna - I do love what appears to be a new screen name!

thank you too Rebecca. I did think that black was The Perfect Touring Colour.

Of course Darla I thought of you when arranging my Craft Afternoon. It would be so much fun if you could come!

Paola said...

The other advantage of having dinner parties more like craft afternoons is that you would be less inclined to drink to excess, your hands being busy. Think what embarassments could be avoided.
Your craft afternoon sounds great...have fun!