Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Decorative Windmills of My Mind

1. An Official Certificate of Authenticity.
Here I am back Yet Again in the Classroom for Another Year.
I am reminded of a Song. 'Windmills of Your Mind'.

Like a circle in a spiral

Like a wheel within a wheel

Never ending or beginning,

On an ever spinning wheel

As the images unwind

Like the circle that you find

In the windmills of your mind

I was never a great fan of this song even though it featured prominently in the Steve McQueen/Faye Dunaway version of 'The Thomas Crown Affair' & I was desperate to be with Steve & to look & act like Faye.

And Dusty sang it too.

It was just a little too clever for me. And anyway at the time, how could it compete with The 1910 Fruitgum Company's version of '1-2-3 Red Light'?

But now it seems Strangely Apt. I'll let you guess why.

If you look closely at me you perhaps will notice that I'm wearing glasses. Multifocals in fact. Prada too. I even have a Certificate of Authenticity to prove it.

I would now like to say something like, 'Wouldn't it be great if all Prospective Partners could come with a Certificate of Authenticity?' but I don't know how I would say it without sounding a little too Wistfully World Weary. So I won't.

2. I have decided that the Houndstooth Dress I'm wearing Has to Go. It had its last airing today.

Goodbye & Goodluck, you Dog of a Dress!

3. My hair looks Perhaps Greasy or Even Unkempt.

Let me explain. This morning it was raining v. heavily when I awoke. I opened up the inadequate blinds & laid in bed marvelling at the large drops. Then I rushed around like a Whirling Dervish & got ready. I rapidly ate two 'WeetBix' & nearly choked on three Fish Oil Capsules which are supposed to aid rehydration. I skipped out the door & into the lift forgetting about the rain & the need for an umbrella.

When I got to the front door of my building I made an Executive Decision NOT to go back & get my umbrella.

'I'll run between the raindrops!' I gaily said to myself. By the time I walked the two hundred metres down the hill & inside the school gates, I was drenched.

3. I think that the purple flower is a mistake.

4. The Rupert Bunny Show. But I would rather call him Lapin.
Here I am later today at the Art Gallery which I attended with my great friends & colleagues, Trixie & The Other Sue. You may note that I've changed. I couldn't stand the Houndstooth against my Sensitive Skin for another moment. So I popped into 'BednobsEtc' & bought what actually turned out to be a Genuine Silk 'Gap' skirt. Sadly, There are NO Gap stores in Australia. Nor are there any H&Ms either. Or Zaras. Or Banana. But because 'BednobsEtc' is a Magical Place, it seems to have absolutely no difficulty in having plenty of these brands. In fact, I have a whole wardrobe full of them.
BTW, Rupert Bunny was an Australian Artist who v. wisely went to live in Paris for a long time where he did his best work. That was in the late nineteenth century. When he eventually came back home after 1911, his work went to the pack.
Not that I'm saying that Australia stifles creativity. Never.

5. Lastly.
I've been buying Many Dresses at 'BednobsEtc'. Some look good. Some are a little questionable.
A bit like Life Really.
Oh God, not more WistfulWorldWeariness.


Rebecca said...

It's Wonderful to see you back in front of the Whiteboard. Also to read the Explanation accompanying the Middleage Dancer. You see, my Husband and I watched the Video Clip seeking Understanding -- Several Times. Alas, had we waited for your fine Commentary we may have come to a different Conclusion!

Della Street Dreaming said...

Rebecca - I can't imagine what conclusions you & husband came to! My colleague Trixie who is seated next to me in the staffroom now suggests that you perhaps thought I was under the influence of an illegal substance. Quelle Horreur!
Have a great day!