Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Cure for Death By Coughing

Perhaps a Cold Remedy.
Poor Poor Me.
As usual it's perilously close to my Designated Bedtime & I haven't written a thing.
So its going to be Stream of Consciousness.
But that's not the reason why its Poor Me.
Its my persistent Summer Cold which, now that I think about it, has mildly abated.
Yesterday & the day before, I spent large disgusting amounts of time rotting in bed with a partly blocked nose which is very easy for me because I have a dangerously slim nose. I felt slightly feverish, headachy & sore throaty. But the most annoying thing of all was a fruity, hacking cough which sounded like I'd been smoking 60 Camels a day for many many years.
Last nite I lay awake for hours whilst I coughed, wondering if there was such a thing as Death by Coughing.
And then I remembered watching John Keats coughing himself to death in that film 'Bright Star'.
Oh God, please don't let me turn into him, I pleaded.
Anyway, I got up this morning, & my prayers were answered.
The coughing had stopped as well as most of the other symptoms.
I've just got this mildly gravelly voice which I quite like. A kind of broad Aussie Lauren Bacall.

The Power of Tablets.
I also took V.V. large doses of Vitamin C. Like ten or more a day. Many of you may be shocked.
But I do enjoy washing down C's with a large glass of Soluble Aspirin. In fact, Aspirin is my absolute favourite Tablet. It always reminds me of my mother.

So, I was able to go to school this morning & attend a special assembly without too much bother.
I'm sure you're all terribly relieved to hear this.
Please note some Sartorial Highlights:
1. I appear to be wearing a Linen Dress. I usually eschew linen for a variety of Rather Nasty Reasons that one day I will share with you but not now.
2. There is a slight Crustacean theme to my necklaces.
3. I am wearing ridiculouslly exhibitionistic sockettes that are screaming, 'Look at Me'. Can you see how they're all bunched up at the heel?
4. I am next to my great friend & colleague, The Other Sue.


Rebecca said...

Actually, you look quite calm and cool in your Linen Dress. Glad to hear the Symptoms have subsided. I, too, am an aspirin fan (though I am unfamiliar with is Soluble form). Aspirin doesn't affect me adversely and seems the most harmless of its alternatives.

Some of your Fashion Sense of Adventure appears to have rubbed off on The Other Sue! The Friendship and Colleague-ness between the two of you is apparent.

Della Street Dreaming said...

thank you Rebecca!
Re: Aspirin. I have always found aspirin in the US to be unsatisfying & unfamiliar. Many a time I've trawled the aisles at Dwayne Reed in NYC or other v. large Drug Barns in California to my dismay. I can never find soluble aspirin! And then I end up with something like Advil, whose very name ( reminds me of 'anvil') is enough to cause more pain.
I hope you're having a great day. Mine has just begun

Rebecca said...
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Rebecca said...

I want to try that again (the keys on my keyboard are sticking!)

Let's stay with that soluble aspirin yet a bit longer. What form is it in? Liquid? A tablet? A capsule?

I stay WAY clear of Advil.

Della Street Dreaming said...

My favourite brands are 'Aspro' & 'Disprin'. Both are tablets that dissolve in water - Aspro has a slightly nice taste with a hint perhaps of effervescence & Disprin, which was my Mum's favourite is more boring. Yes, Rebecca, I've never warmed to 'Advil'.

janavi said...

Sue- hope you are feeling better. Could it be summer allergies? I find saline nasal flush really helpful.
I'm afraid of asprin because it can cause internal bleeding.

Della Street Dreaming said...

Thank you Janavi. Its now saturday & I'm feeling much better. I think I got a nasty germ from people in the staffroom.
Hope you are v. well.