Monday, February 1, 2010


Look look look at me. I'm actually Talking & Moving All at Once. But for only about 54 seconds. So it's Bearable. Just.

In fact I'm Dancing. The luxurious length of the corridor of the Hotel Room in Bali combined with the Baby Boomer-Oriented music from the iPod that was generously provided, moved me to dance. But that wasn't the only reason.

I was dancing to prove a point. Lately I have become aware of a phenomenon which I like to call 'Middleagedancing', where a Middleagedwoman (I've never seen a man do it) will spontaneously Dance in Public. Like when some guitar combo plays 'Take Me to The River' on a saturday morning at the Faux Organic Markets at the local park & suddenly a woman in a linen shirt & three quarter pants starts dancing & perhaps singing at the same time just like she did at the 'Talking Heads' concert at the Hordern Pavilion in Sydney back in 1983. To this woman, Time Has Stood Still. But not to everyone else around her.

My daughter Maeflower is also Highly Sensitive to Middleagedancing. Whilst we were at the Peak of our Xmas Shopping Frenzy last December, she left me fondling the jewels in 'Diva' at Bondi Westfield to go next door to 'Cotton On',which oddly enough sells supposedly cotton garments to Youngish Folk. Five minutes later she came rushing back & announced that a middleagedwoman was suddenly dancing in 'Cotton On' because the shop was playing Bowie's 'Rebel Rebel'. The woman wouldn't stop even though she had a bored husband & an embarressed adolescent son in tow.

In hearing this, I felt smug. I would Never Dance in Public & embarrass my daughter. I am far Too Dignified.

Anyway, I hope you watch me dancing to The Commitments singing 'Try a Little Tenderness' which has got to be one of my favourite songs. I seem to remember that a wonderful actor who went Absolutely Nowhere sung it to Molly Ringwald in one of her Teen Movies which I was addicted to in the eighties even though by then I was over thirty. I wonder if anyone remembers the movie. Maybe 'Sixteen Candles'.


Rebecca said...

Hello? Hello? Anyone there? Hello?

ladyjanewriter said...

I, too, have this affliction. It started as Three-year-oldDancing and went on from there.

I wound up bopping around to Salt n' Peppa's "Shoop" when I was waiting for my 5 Dollar Footlong Meatball Marinara sub at Subway yesterday, so thereyago.

ladyjanewriter said...

Oh, and John Cryer, Pretty In Pink, and he did go somewhere, but you don't recognize him.

He plays the nerdy neurotic brother to Charlie Sheen's horny brother in "Two And A Half Men."

see you there! said...

Lets face it, you are a Wild and Crazy Woman, LOL!


Della Street Dreaming said...

El Jay - thank you so much for admitting your dancing affliction but most importantly, for telling me that John Cryer is on Two & a half Men which I notice is on TV at the moment. I must watch it.
Rebecca - I loved your comment when I first posted this yesterday. I hope now you see Everything in Context.
thanx Darla!

janavi said...

I had recently been saying how I hadn't gone dancing in eons. I guess now I can just dance wherever.
So, was it a good vacation, all in all??

Della Street Dreaming said...

It was great, Janavi! I would thoroughly recommend Bali - I hadn't been to South East Asia (which of course is right at our doorstep) for a number of years, & I had forgotten how wonderful it is in spite of the creeping capitalism etc. Bali is absolutely a tropical paradise & the locals are really beautiful people. Hope everything is going well for you! love Sue