Monday, February 8, 2010

Wounded Heels & Crushed Frocks

The Story So Far:
A middleagedteacher who has battled all her life with Envy, Rage & Resentment realises that the Key to Looking Powerful & in Control & perhaps even a few kilos lighter, is to wear High Heels.
Besides, she is Sick to Death of watching Other Women clacking purposefully down the street in their Killer Heels like they really really DO know where the hell they're going even though she has SOME idea of where she is going, which is usually off to school or to 'BednobsEtc' or to get a Latte.
One day, middleagedteacher bravely wears a Remedial Version of Killer Heels.
'What would be a good name for these heels?', she wonders.
'Remedial Killer Heels is a little too cumbersome. How about 'Wounded Heels'?
Perfect. It sums up the whole experience!
Pisceans have trouble with their feet. Or their feet are supposed to be v. sensitive. Middleagedteacher is a Piscean & so is her daughter, Maeflower. MAT has not until recently noticed their sensitivity as she has been far too busy focussing on the other parts of her that are also v. sensitive. Maeflower has had persistent trouble with her delicate feet. Gargantuan blisters, massive frightening cuts, scary bruises & perhaps the odd sprain.
So now with their New Sensitivity, middleagedteacher has to constantly protect her feet by wearing Comforting Sockettes.
Here she is above, by her desk in the classroom showing them off, along with her Faux Dorothys.

Another Great Story that Went Absolutely Nowhere.

I'm Crushed.
It's almost bedtime. And you know what a Stickler I am .
So-------1. Note more sockettes in today's outfit. Comfort & Safety always come before Beauty, I always say.
2. This dress, a thrifted of course 'Country Road' item, is a Huge Disappointment.
It's far too crushed. How dare it?
None of my other dresses would have the audacity to crush like that because they all know that I DO NOT have the facilities to iron, nor do I have the requisite skills or the inclination to iron.
3. I am teaching 'As You Like It' to my Senior Class. I particularly like the picture I've drawn of Nasty Oliver, who I've made look like an Elizabethan Humpty Dumpty. I always draw all my Shakespearean characters with a ruff. And pantaloons if they are male.

Craft Afternoon Delite.
I'm sure you'll be mightily relieved to know that yesterday's Craft Afternoon was a Success. Again, I didn't want anyone to go home. Mary, one of the Crafters, bought me a little bundle of Cinnamon sticks which I thought made a great gift.
Bed & My Lace Eyeshade awaits.


Rebecca said...

The Rear View in your first photo showing your v. sensitive feet and and the Wounded Heels hinted about an outfit that might have been worth 2 pictures! Perhaps you could eliminate one of the Crushed Dress photos and replace it with the Front View of said first outfit.

I would waste no more time on the Crushed Dress. (The color is spectacular though.)

Were you trying to create a Ruff effect with the multiple strands of turquoise around your neck? If so, you succeeded. Congratulations! You could incorporate a bundle of those cinnamon sticks in the Ruff the next time and really dazzle your students.

Your drawings are sensational. You should start a blog just featuring your white board creations! It's a shame to erase them and leave no trace at the end of the day. Seriously!

see you there! said...

Your classes must be the best in the school with those wonderful illustrations.

I'm perverse enough to like ironing. Of course it has to be done on a hot day in front of an old wooden framed screen door with flies buzzing outside and some heart tugging music playing.

Ironing and crying, crying and ironing. That's what one of my friends call it.