Thursday, March 6, 2008

Death of the Camera Part 1

These images, taken over the last twenty-four hours sum up my mood: Slightly Sour. It's because my camera won't behave. I know it's childish & petulant, but I've become ridiculously dependent on it. Earlier tonight I was watching a horrible tabloid news programme about people with gambling addictions who put their entire wages through the local slot machine in twenty minutes. I was internally sneering at them & thinking how weak they were until I realised that I probably have a small addiction of my own. I wonder if there's a local branch of 'Photographer's Anonymous'? 
And I haven't even learnt to take a proper photo yet.
The series of four images at the top were taken last night at my weekly visit to The Art Gallery. The painting on the top left is a detail from one of my favourite Australian paintings, 'The Lacquer Room" by Grace Cossington Smith. The dame at the table sums it all up for me at the moment. Next to her is a snap of one of my own homemade necklaces, called "False Teeth". That more or less sums it up for me too. And then there's the Crown of Thorns on the bottom left, featuring my hand/wrist with faux Aboriginal motif bangle from the '80s & a Pop Art ring from 'Diva'. That also sums it up. The lonely little pair of bags featuring a appliqued woman's head, newly thrifted from The Wayside Chapel & a faux Chanel purse adds to the despair. 

As for the delightful duo in the other photo - they're really having fun! This morning I began to show my senior extension English class "Orlando", an amazing film from 1992, starring newly-Oscarred star, Tilda Swinton. It is partly set in 1660, & the Wonderful old Queen Quentin Crisp played the miserable, ageing Queen Elizabeth I, in a performance that was a far cry from Cate Blanchett's recent heroics. That's Queen Quentin on the left. I'm on the right looking sour. I was so wanting to show off my newly-made "Fiji" necklace but the camera just went all pear-shaped. Try & imagine what it would look like.

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