Friday, March 21, 2008

food & me

food & me
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This snap, taken this week at the Sydney Art Gallery weirdly sums up my attitude towards food. I'm standing next to a painting by one of my favourite Australian painters, John Brack. You may notice how stick insect like the naked seated lady is. Stick-insect has always been my ideal vision of womanhood. Obsessively trawling through the pages of 'Vogue' since I was fourteen gave me the idea that Stick-is-Good!
Sadly, I didn't seem to have Stick genes. I'm adopted, so I don't have much idea about my genes except for a couple of brief meetings with my Birth Mother many years ago. She was excessively short & round at the time. I'm short, but not that short, & not too round.

So, I tend to see food as a barrier against attaining Stick-ness. I'm not brave enough at this stage to mention menopause & it's effect on weight, I'll save that one till later. But about eighteen months ago, I lost about 6 kg - 14 pounds, & have managed to keep it off, which I find a miracle!
Not to keep going on & on about The Sartorialist, but just about all the people who are snapped are Stick or close to it. So Stick-Still-Rules!

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