Monday, March 24, 2008

Remembrances of Easters Past

It's almost the end of the Easter Long Weekend. I always have mixed feelings about Easter. Everything shuts in Sydney or at least it feels like it. When I was a child, everything really WAS shut except the Royal Easter Show. When we would return to school from the Easter Break, the wicked Nuns would make the girls who went to "The Show" as it was called, on Good Friday, stand up & be Publicly Villified. Fortunately I never had to stand up. I would have lied anyway. The Nuns idea of Easter was spending the whole time inside the Church attending some ghoulish re-enactment of The Cruxificion or staying up all night for the "Easter Vigil". Pukesville.

Thank God those times are over! Things are still shut, though. No cafe, gym, supermarket or thrift shops. The only thing to do was to try on a whole lot of outfits before selecting the Perfect One to socialise with friends & family! What a trial.
Here's a couple of pics of Me , Daughter & Boyfriend in all our Sartorial Splendour.
Oh, talking of 'Sartorial', The Sartorialist was shut over Easter, or at least there were no fresh postings. Rather like Sydney in 1965.

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