Friday, March 21, 2008

Food & My Daily Life

These are two images from Food & My Daily Life.
I work at a wonderful Catholic girl's high school where I am constantly surrounded by tempting treats. Girls often bring homemade cakes for a recess fund-raising stall. During Lent, the playground has been awash with cupcakes & chocolate crackles. Sometimes I've cracked & eaten some, but this time I just took pictures, which was fun & guilt-free.
The other photo is my local cafe, 'Zinc'. It's positioned about 50 metres from the school's entrance, so every morning I get the same thing: skim latte, savoury muffin & fresh orange juice. I mostly leave without paying, building up a subtantial tab over the week which I eventually pay. Peter, 'Zinc's' cheerful owner, pictured far left, often reminds me that it's not really a tab. Thanks.

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Awardrobefan said...

Yes Sue, out of all the people who come to the cafe with no money, you are by far the best dressed.