Thursday, March 13, 2008

Rediscovering Shape: The Aftermath

Things were going well in the quest to rediscover my shape.
During the week, I'd had some fairly flattering photos taken fully clothed wearing my new belt & was feeling quite confident.
Then came last weekend. It was my daughter's 20th birthday & it was time to celebrate at the beach. Why not drag out my wonderful vintage "Cole of California" swimsuit I bought many years ago at a vintage clothes shop in Santa Barbara? I hadn't worn it in years, but with  renewed confidence, I slithered into it & scampered off to the beach. 
I certainly stood out like a Bird of Paradise amongst all the seaweed & Speedos. It's quite challenging for anyone to wear canary yellow, tangerine, emerald green & hot pink together, but what the hell, I was up to the challenge!
It has an amazing aeronautically-engineered built-in bra that creates big pointy tits & built-in huge undies - perfect for storing lumps of sand! In my mind, I'd become Sally Field in 'Gidget'.
But then I looked at the photos. Not quite the movie that was going on in my head. Never mind. At least it wasn't a bikini.

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Jenny said...

I beg to differ. Style and originality are in short supply on Australian beaches. What about the other birthday!