Sunday, March 9, 2008

Where's My Waist Gone?

Since I joined flickr's wardrobe remix I have suddenly become interested in belts. Maybe there's subliminal messages planted in the pool, I'm not sure. But I've seen so many fairly ordinary outfits transformed into something special by the inclusion of an interesting belt.
But there's a slight challenge when you reach a certain age.
Where's my waist gone? 
It's just not there anymore. Maybe there's a slight indent, but it's not the same. Countless hours, 'opening up the side waist' at yoga classes may help, but it's a fight against nature every day.
Of course it's not just women who feel the loss of their former glory. That's why I've included this snap of B. in his 'budgie smugglers' swimming outfit. Yesterday, he bought yet another set of scales as he keeps breaking them. Despite rigorous workouts at the gym, torturous soft-sand running along the beach & endless laps of the pool, he finds it hard to keep tummy growth in check.
It's lucky we weren't both Supermodels in our youth. We'd really be in the poo now.

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Deborah said...

What beautiful surroundings. They match your outfit perfectly.