Monday, March 17, 2008

Snow Matron or Bag Lady?

I'm always trawling through  The Sartorialist. I used to just look at the photos, but lately I've taken to reading through the comments as well. It makes fascinating reading. The comments can be placed into a number of handy catagories, e.g:
1. Gushy gushy,"Oh Sart, you are fab" etc vomit;
2. Cold Criticism, "She looks like a bag lady"; 
3. Know-All, "The lady, who has been a fashion inspiration for decades, is after all wearing Dior".
There are other catagories that I will explore later. 

Yesterday I read through hundreds of comments, all the time with a little voice in my head baying, "Stop stop, get a life". I chose to ignore her.
But right now I do have to go attend to my life. But while I'm wandering down the hill to work I'll ponder on the two ladies I've posted below & wonder which one I prefer. Does it really matter?

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