Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Everyone's a Street Photographer Now!

Not only am I voraciously reading all the comments posted in The Sartorialist, I'm now BECOMING The Sartorialist. Maybe I can become known as 'Sartorialist Lite'. I started taking street photos in New York this past January, mainly of busy fur-clad stick-insects scurrying in & out of 'Barney's'. It was such fun if a little scary, because I felt at any moment one of the stick insects might come up & smash my camera.
But I didn't feel this way this morning when I was ambling down the street on my way to work & spied an ex-student of mine, Talisa. She looked amazing & I gushed all over her. Talisa very graciously allowed me to take a photo of her baby-doll outfit & a detail shot of her vintage tan bag with a lovely shoe party favour hanging off the side. If only all my ex-students would look this good!


The Seeker said...

She looks fantastic. I really like the detail of the colour buttons.


Kelly C. said...

She looks like Michelle Williams, don't you think?! Gorgeous outfit!

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