Thursday, March 6, 2008

My Life's a Blur

Death of the Camera
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Today I have felt like a little child whose favourite toy has been taken away from her.
As you can see, the camera doesn't work. The image is clear in the middle but then goes completely blurry in the top half. I have taken it as a Personal Insult. How could the camera do this to Me? I have spent the day, in between teaching, boring everyone to death about it, endlessly fiddling with it & asking for advice.
But it didn't stop The Wise Twin from taking my daily photo, although I could see she was anxious to get off to Touch Footie training.
I did so want to show off my freshly made new necklace.
Faux 50's vintage frock thrifted from St. Vinnies remixed; genuine Scout belt & sandals from The Wayside Chapel shop, remixed; wooden cuffs.
But I guess I should take advice from birthday girl daughter, Billie-Mae who will be 20 on sunday, who always says, "Suck it up, Mum"

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alli magee said...

wow I bet you are the best english teacher, English Lit was the one thing that kept my sanity in school. Loving your ensemble!