Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Snow Matron or Bag Lady:The Verdict

In yesterday's post, I went on about the two extremes of 'Senior Womanhood' seen on the pages of The Sartorialist. One, The Snow Matron, prompted oodles of comments about how chic & stylish she was, & how everyone was just dying to grow old so that they could look like her. 
The other, The Bag Lady, received a more mixed bag of responses. Some fashion insider types gushed about what a trailblazer she was & others praised her 'courage' for going out in the street looking like that. But the field really belonged to the Cynics, who flatly said that no one would want to take style advice from someone who looked like a bag lady. 
Perhaps they're right.
But after carefully studying both ladies, I think I lean more towards the Bag Lady. Even though she looks a bit stern, it would certainly be fun to wear all that. You'd have to be so disciplined to look like The Snow Matron. And the creme would be a nightmare to keep clean. 
And who can forget Brassai's glittering 'Bijou', the Bag Lady's Bag Lady!


Jenny said...

Della Street's verdict was never in doubt! In my case I'm drawn to the severe neutral palette of Snow Queen. However, after reading the so aptly described vomit-inducing gushy comments I am considering my vote carefully. The common theme was the bravery of Snow Queen going grey. This is not a virtue. I understand that Della Street is unlikely to face this challenge for some time yet. So, as one who intends to colour for decades to come I have to go with Bag Lady and her awesome use of hair dye. Look forward to a perspective from our LA connection.

greta*grenada said...

Ok, I didn't go read the comments over at the sartorialist (oh, but i have - i just can't let myself get into that right now). But I know those people are silly! That "bag-lady" is (as i'm sure you know by now) Anna Piaggi, and only the most sheep-like self-proclaimed "fashionistas" would denounce her style! (The fact that i find absolutely nothing inherently objectionable about bag-lady-style notwithstanding.)
Anyway, I wanted to say I'm relieved that you decided you prefer her over that Snow Queen! I mean, I think no-one who sees you more than a couple times a week (like i do, over at w_r!), with all your color and jewels and sense of humor would ever dream this was something you had to ponder.
I'm not sure why i would have been disappointed if you went with Snowy - maybe because I see you as bold and adventurous and comfortable in your skin, and your preference for her would have been disillusioning.

I say God Bless Anna Piaggi!! (You can tell she loves Jesus, because she dresses for Easter every single day - bonnet and all!) And God Bless You, middleagedteacher! I think you're just about as inspiring! Oh, but very non-bag-lady-like, just to be clear ;D

p.s. I guess I've gotta give the Snow Queen credit for not coloring her hair, I'd venture to say that's a sight more subversive than ocean-blue hair, these days.

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greta*grenada said...

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greta*grenada said...
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