Monday, July 21, 2008

Nasty Comments

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One of my Great Time-Wasting Pastimes is to read ALL the comments posted on certain photos on The Sartorialist I never really mean to do it, but it seems that once I start, I can't stop. I'm sure it's because I become almost mesmerised by the nastiness of some of the comments.
I must say that even though I enjoy a little nastiness particularly if it's not directed at me, I don't really approve. Isn't the World Nasty Enough without people having to Slag Off about someone else's daggy clothes on a site that thousands of people see?
I often imagine these Nasty Commentators sitting up in their miserable little studio apartments eating cheese on toast in their pyjamas happily sneering about some other Poor Soul who dares to have their photo taken by The Sart. I bet none of them get asked to have their photo taken by him.
Anyway, this Lady appeared a week or two ago. I immediately pounced on her because she's, let's face it, Old. Sart endlessly features a Passing Parade of Old Fart Men who to me look a bit like Colourful Racing Identities, but rarely does he post pictures of Old Boilers like me.
Her wide tie-dyed pants teamed with a floral top provoked quite a few nasty remarks. But what seemed to get in everyone's claw were The Birkenstocks. How could she? Unflattering comparisons with Elderly Potters from the Pacific Northwest were made. Other people claimed to know who she is which really wasn't so hard to find.
She's Bernadetta Barzini, a fabulous ex-model from the sixties. I dug up some pictures of her from her modelling heyday that you can see below. Wasn't she sensational? I'm sure I spent many a wasted evening as a schoolgirl pouring over her photos in some magazine & wondering why I couldn't look like that. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I really did think that way.


see you there! said...

Elderly Potters from the Pacific Northwest? BWAHAHAHAHA

I nearly qualify. Got the elderly part. Would "artist" do instead of potter? And Northern CA is the bottom of the Pacific Northwest isn't it? (Besides I was born in Oregon.)

I don't own any Birks but if I thought I might look that good I'd buy some.


Jane said...

I do own some Birks (3 pairs) a nd if I looked like that at her age I would be immue to those catty comments from wannabees!
That looks like a woman comfortable in her own skin!