Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Holiday to Enlightenment

What with spending The Whole Day at the Day Spa & then going to Yoga four times in five days & then making healthy food & drinks, this holiday is turning into a DIY Health Retreat. 
I've got to go home looking reasonably trim because Mr. Middleaged has been losing weight. While I'm here in LA, he's at home in Sydney eating raw green beans, cooked up to nothing asparagus & 'Corn Thins' (Cardboard Crispbread) I've warned him that if he loses too much weight, people might think he's got cancer. 
Patricia Field, the 'Sex & the City' dress designer says that being thin & middleaged ads another ten years. I wonder if she was thinking about Carrie when she said that. 
Which brings me to the SATC movie  which I saw a couple of nights ago. Marge had already seen it twice & by taking me, she was making it a third.  We both loved it which again reveals us as being Really Shallow. After we got home, we read a whole truckload of lousy reviews including one by Uber-Critic, Roger Ebert, whose opinions I value. We both thought it was a Fab Fairy Tale with Great Handbags. 
But back to the Yoga Classes for a moment.  On Sunday, the LA Times said that gyms are the 'new barnyards', full of people who smell & sound like farm animals. You can at least SEE that we certainly aren't like that.  We're more the types who sit around contemplating Hindu sayings like the one quoted in the LA Times article:
Ridding my mind of distraction,
Single pointed,
I shut out sounds & all the senses,
And I am here.

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