Sunday, July 13, 2008

Smart & Final in LA

Yesterday was my last whole day in LA.  What better way to spend it than at the Huge Salvation Army Depot right across from the curiously named bulk store, 'Smart & Final'.
So far in our Thrifting Adventures, I had collected almost a whole wardrobe of winter clothes. I'd bought four wool jackets with labels like, 'Jones of New York', 'Nordstrom' shoes &  some swing skirts. But now, I was going for broke. Could I find any more jackets to stuff into my already overflowing suitcase?
Surprisingly I could. Marge helped me find a couple more, wisely steering me away from the more matronly brands like 'Sag Harbor', which specialises in big shoulders & wide lapels. She got into the swing of things herself, trying on a particularly arresting Commodore's blazer from perhaps the early 90's, & optimistically trying to squeeze herself into a couple of winter skirts. Soon, we were complaining of hot flushes, & marvelling how in sync we were with each other having them at the same time until we remembered that there was no air conditioning.
But who cares about a little discomfort when you're getting bargains.
We walked away with a whole garbage bag of stuff, mainly for me. Apart from the jackets, I bought this particularly fetching polka dot matching skirt & top, but decided that the orange shoes were too nasty to buy.
 That's the thing about buying thrift - some if not many items give off nastiness or just plain meanness. I don't know whether it's because of the quality of the materials or the character of the previous owner or maybe it's just me. 


workthatwardrobe said...

I kinda liked the orange shoes!

see you there! said...

I like polka dots and it seems like I'm seeing a lot of them lately.

Great blue outfit!


rabespierre said...

i've got to agree on the orange shoes --maybe you can find others? but it's true abt thrifted clothes. there's more to them than meets the eye. i don't mean dirt. i mean history! and there are some things you just inexplicably can't wear, or that always make you feel like you're dressing up in someone else's wardrobe. i think it's one of the great things abt thrifting --the objects become humanized, even if sometimes creepy ways. yours, hilary