Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Mother of all Day Spas

Here are some snaps of yesterday's Spa Journey. Marge used part of a gift certificate to take me to this Incredibly Opulant Temple of the Body, where all the participants swan around in roomy white robes, sipping peach green tea  with the sounds of recorded ocean waves resounding in the background.
 You'd think by the looks on our faces that we had mixed feelings about the place. Nothing of the sort. We spent the whole time loving every moment, liberally applying as many free hair & body products as we could find & eating all the free fruit. 
I  really loved the massage, although I caught myself thinking about my overdue car registration at a particularly blissful moment. 
We could have had a whole lot of other treatments at the adjoining  Health & Longevity Institute. All our Deep Furrows could have been filled in for a mere $900, unwanted fat removal or Lipodissolve, for a very reasonable, $2500 for first area, or we could have chosen from the extensive Lifestyle a la Carte Menu which would help to Improve our Relationships or Inject Passion in Our Busy Lives. 
The problem was, there was SO much help available that we were Spoilt for Choice. We ended up just sticking with the massage & the free stuff ,like the steam room & the whirlpool.
We packed up after six hours & trudged home totally exhausted. It's hard work being pampered.


see you there! said...

You are the picture of pampered in that white robe. Good wardrobe feature, LOL!


scarlet reynolds said...

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scarlet reynolds said...

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