Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Mother and Daughter Reunion

Every Wednesday evening, I attend a lecture on Baroque Art at the Art Gallery with my two colleagues Sue & Trixie. As we are all Great Creatures of Routine, we happily do the same thing every week. We arrive at 4pm & always magically get a park right outside due to my special connections with Parking Celestial Beings. Then we go inside & have a quick look around before heading for the Gift Shop where we pour over DVDs & art books & little trinkets. Most weeks we buy things & don't give it a second thought. Then I get my daily wardrobe picture taken next to a favourite painting before heading downstairs at the stroke of five to have dinner in the cafe. I consider eating this early a Real Luxury as I'm always hungry at around five & hate to have to wait until after 7 or even 8 to eat.
Whilst in the cafe this evening, I took this photo of a Mother & Daughter. I just couldn't resist taking it because they looked so fabulous & looked like they liked each other.
I'm missing my daughter who I haven't see for a few weeks as she goes to University in Canberra. Here we both are having breakfast together at a local cafe last time we met.

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Jane said...

I love that post and your pictures.
The idea of your weekly routine sounds wonderful.
I am off to the beach (about a mile away) with my daughter right now. She is 11 and we will be looking for sea glass and beach finds to make jewellery with. I will be taking her brother too who is easily pleased. He will run up and down the sand dunes with a football!