Friday, July 4, 2008

Shopping in LA

Taking the advice of a reader, ccook, I forced my great friend Marge to take me to the Farmers Market in LA yesterday. It was not a regular destination for Marge, so we had a degree of difficulty in finding it, even though it turned out to be a stone's throw away from the Lebrea Tar Pits & the Miracle Mile. Every time we travel in her car, she puts on the satellite navigation & the nasty woman inside the car sounds more & more exasperated as we choose to ignore her.
'Bear left, bear LEFT IMMEDIATELY' she bellows. We eventually found it without her help.
Once inside the market it was Food Time. This can often be a slight tension between Marge & Me because she likes to rebel against my Food Puritanism. Since losing about six kilos (13 pounds) about two years ago, I've been psycho about Eating & Weight. Actually, I've always been psycho about eating but now I'm more smug about it, constantly turning my nose up at the large portions served in Californian restaurants & loudly announcing, 'I'm not eating THAT!'
Of course Marge wanted doughnuts. We settled on matso ball soup.
I loved the market which opened a tiny window into old LA for me. Here's a photo of what it looked like in the 1930s. It was on the wall at, where else but 'Starbucks'.
Later we were thrilled to find a huge 'Anthropologie' just nearby. I know it's a huge chain but we don't have it in the Land Down Under, nor do we have H&M or 'Forever 21' or 'GAP'. It's probably a good thing as I've sort of made a commitment not to buy Landfill. Marge looks like a Seniors Model in this photo taken in the Generously Proportioned Fitting Room.
We're off to the Mall to see 'Sex in the City'. Can't wait to see the friendships, the ageing & the outfits.

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workthatwardrobe said...

Who needs a DVF dress. Yours looks fab.
I have wanted to visit LA ever since I started reading the teen mag Fab 208 in the eighties.
Happy holidays.