Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sucking It Up

In the photo, I'm smiling, but just underneath I'm seething. It's taken me many years to realise that I have the Frustration Levels of a Knat. The minute anything even looks like it mightn't be going my way, or that people aren't falling over themselves being nice to me, I want to Angrily Scoop up My Toys & Flounce off in a Huff.
In the past I might have done just that, but lately I've learned to Suck it Up & Love It. The only clue in the photo that I'm a little tense is the slightly raised shoulders & prizefighter's stance - but that just might be a result of the generous shoulder pads inside my  newly-thrifted  'Jones of New York' wool jacket that I got in LA.
'Sucking it Up', along with 'Douche Bag', is a term that I learned from my daughter. Both of them have proved invaluable additions to my repertoire, although my students were quite shocked when I repeatedly referred to King Lear's evil daughters, Gonerill & Regan as 'Douche bags.'  Some of them even charmingly inquired if  I understood the meaning. 
The thing I really like about 'suck it up' is that it's punchier & naughtier than 'Get Over It!' I don't think that I've ever gotten over anything in my entire life, but I can certainly have a go at 'sucking it up'.


see you there! said...

Cute jacket. So what were you frustrated about?


Jane said...

My husband's favourite phrase for the same occasion is "wind your neck in" but then he is a Scouser (i.e. from Liverpool). Yours is so much more...eloquent!

Sheila said...

I like the colour combinations. Your teeth look a little gritted but otherwise you don't look frustrated.

"Suck it up" is pretty common across the pond (I'm in Canada).