Saturday, July 19, 2008

Above It All.

The Garden Refuge
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Ah, 'World Youth Day'! It seemed that Sydney had been completely taken over by it. Large groups of marauding PILGRIMS roam the streets wearing tasteless outfits, brandishing flags of their country & chanting 'Alleluia' whilst playing the bongoes. Overhead, helicopters whirl around, protecting The Pope from some Dreadful Attack.
You'd think that Sydney's main newspaper had turned into 'The Catholic Weekly'. Page after page is devoted to recording the minutiae of Pope Benny's movements & the progress of the Stations of the Cross through the city. The Harbour Bridge has been closed for only the second time in it's history. Tomorrow, The World's Largest Mass will be held in Randwick Racecourse.
Victims of Abuse at the hands of the Clergy are cranky. The organisers of World Youth Day are cranky at the Victims because they are Raining on Their Parade. Cardinal Pell, The Archbishop of Sydney has Come Out as a Climate Change Sceptic & urged all young Catholics to 'Populate or Perish', which is perfect advice to give at a gathering of so many Ecstatic Young People.
Meanwhile, I'm above the action in my city apartment, quietly tending The Kitchen Garden even though most of it's plastic.

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Populate or Perish? Good grief!