Saturday, July 19, 2008

Not Exploring

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This was the view from my Japanese Hotel window five days ago en route to Sydney. My bangle, freshly bought from The Los Angeles County Museum gift shop says it all - EXPLORE. I've got it propped up next to the window which warns NOT to open it because a Dewdrop or a Nasty Insect might come inside. It seems that I decided to ignore the command of the bangle, & instead obey the instructions on the window. Don't open up or I might be contaminated or attacked by Aliens.
So, what did I do during my just under 24 hours stopover in Tokyo, a city I've never been to before: I stayed in the hotel room,taking advantage of the extremely fast broadband internet connection & then I got the shuttle bus back to Narita airport & stayed in the JAL lounge for the rest of the day shovelling in large quantities of mysterious but superb Japanese food & sampling the electronic massage chairs. I've never felt so relaxed at an airport.

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