Monday, July 21, 2008

Young Me

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After the excitement of posting Old & Young Bernadetta Barzini in my last post, I decided to post a picture of Young Me.
The picture was taken in 1983 in a strange little apartment in 'Hell's Kitchen' in New York, that was rented by Robyn, an independent Australian woman who at the time was trying to make films. I remember not being able to open the front door of the building as it was like a bank vault. It was then that I realised that I wasn't tough enough to live in New York.
All the furniture in the place was from the street, but it was quite comfortable. I'm sitting back on the couch with her cat, Annie. I'm trying to look sophisticated as my boyfriend & I were about to go out to a nightclub called 'The Red Parrot' & see the great John Waters' star, Divine perform.
I'm still wearing red tight & boots & thrift clothes.


see you there! said...

Goodness, you look much the same now. Where DO you find all your colorful tights. All I ever see are black (got them) and white(nope!)


Jane said...

That post took me back. Divine played at our university (Bangor UNiversity in North Wales) not long before he died.
I must dig out some photos and post them.
That would have been around 1986.

Julia said...

Well, this looks like my kind of place. I adored Jean Shrimpton. Twiggy who??? Stop by sometime. Julia aka Old Camellia