Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Expectant Boots

 Our city apartment is in Kings Cross, which is the Bad Behaviour Capital of Australia. It's the Spiritual Home for those who Really Love getting Shitfaced & Who Don't Mind Throwing Up All Over the Pavement Afterwards. 
So, as I plod down the hill on my way to school each day, I often notice evidence of the previous night's revelry. It's rarely a pretty sight.
But this morning, I walked out into the cold & spied this sprightly pair of boots sitting expectantly in a doorway. For once, I allowed myself to wonder what was the story behind the boots & why they were waiting there. 
Of course, I'll never know.

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Stuart A. Thompson said...

I stayed at a hostel in King's Cross! Now I reside in Uxbridge, which I dare say feels a tad safer!