Saturday, October 25, 2008

Can Pink Ribbons Make A Fashion Statement?

Now that I've mentioned  a few of my colleagues in our Staff Study, everyone wants to be featured. Actually, that's not quite true.  It's just The Blondes. 
I took these photos yesterday at recess when we were having  a semi-heated discussion about the ribbons on offer on Pink Ribbon Day. I know that it sounds like a fairly Lame topic, but with us, Even Pink Ribbons Make a Fashion Statement. 
Princess P, ever the Purist, settled on the Plain Ribbon, whilst The Other Sue proudly sported a more showy pink rhinestone number. The Duchesse & Goldie didn't bother wearing one. Neither did I.
Trixie who also didn't wear one, said that the rhinestone ribbon looked straight out of 'Kath & Kim' which is a hugely popular Australian TV comedy that lampoons a certain type of Super-Suburbaness. An American version came out a week or two ago to almost Universal Loathing by American audiences. Maybe our brand of humour just doesn't travel well across The Pacific.

 Meanwhile back in the Staffroom,  we all found it funny to think that any of us could possibly be like 'Kath & Kim'.


see you there! said...

While I support the sentiment I don't wear a pink ribbon. In fact I don't dress to support any cause and hate logo's on my clothes.

Sounds like you have a nice group at work.


Della Street Dreaming said...

I'm with you on that Darla. I'm not fond of wearing logos either, although in my next post I'm showing off a large Gucci 'Hysteria' bag with a huge Gucci logo stuck on it!

workthatwardrobe said...

I have to agree about the logos and badges especially the sticky one sin supermarkets. I don't mind putting the money in the boxes but having to wrestle with a kindly pensioner who insists on slapping the sticker on my favourite coat/ jacket. cardigan etc brings me out in a cold sweat.