Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Miracle of Change: Givenchy Dress Becomes a Snake

Hope you like my artwork. I's a little collage featuring a picture of a v. famous Givenchy dress from the early fifties that I've combined with a long twirling snake. I've added lots of little fragments from a broken mirror & some other jewels plus a silhouette of Jennifer Aniston's hands. I'm not sure if you can read the text. It says, 'Redefine your Outline'. I took it from an magazine ad for some beauty product or other.
Since I've been listening to the Silent Affirmation CD which has encouraging messages about embracing the Wonderfulness of Change embedded within soothing nature sounds , I thought the message of this collage is rather timely. I suppose by telling you this that I'm exposing myself as a bit of a New Age Nutter. And now I've probably insulted the New Age Devotees by saying that. 
It's just that I'm giving everything a shot right now - yoga,  listening to large amounts of meditation tapes that put me in a theta state, having pedicures, eyebrow shaping & waxing & buying heaps of thrifted outfits. Amazingly, it all seems to be working!
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