Thursday, October 16, 2008

Something Silly Under the Desk

I can't tell you how much fun I'm having concocting increasingly more bizarre colour & pattern combinations in my daily outfits. But please don't think I'm becoming smug. Heaven forbid!
As the Nasty Nuns that taught me always said when they caught a poor girl doing Something Silly under their desk, 'Small things amuse small minds.'
Thank God for Small Things I say!

Today I'm wearing a rather boxy blouson top that has just a Hint of Shoulder Pad. Underneath is a patterned black & green hugely acrylic dress that I'm sure that is hardly visible because the photo is so bloody minute. I have to learn how to download larger photos to the blog, although this one has been lazily uploaded from my flickr site.
You may also notice that I'm standing in front of a picture of an Ancient TV set, not unlike the one that I grew up in front of. On the screen it says, 'Get outside your comfort zone'. And then there's arrows coming out of it.
I drew this in response to one of my Year 9 students saying that she tried reading our current set text, 'I Am the Cheese' by Robert Cormier, but she couldn't finish it because 'it was too boring'.
I then asked the class what would be a good response to that comment. The Class Goody-Goody stuck up her hand & said that it doesn't matter how bored we get, we just have to think positive thoughts & read it anyway. I immediately wondered what character in 'Peanuts' this kid resembled.
I decided to end the discussion with drawing this picture & making them copy it into their books, which they did v. obligingly. I can't remember how I linked boredom with getting out of your comfort zone whatever that means, but somehow I did.


Mervat said...

Love that shade of green on you! I guess by wearing your lovely necklace in this way, you are going out of your comfort zone!!
Mervat (Yep, a fellow Aussie; I live in wallacia, 65 km or so south west of Sydney).

La Belette Rouge said...

In parochial school I remember the same teacher saying "simple minds, simple pleasures" and teaching us for a school assembly to sing "Tis a gift to be simple." I was, even then, confounded by the paradox.

Have you seen Seeker's blog? I think you might like her style. You both have an amazing gift for combining colours. And, she is quite the model. Loads of personality.
As a gal who has a wardrobe that is 80% black, I am awed by both of you.

see you there! said...

I clicked on the blog photo and enlarged it - you can usually do that. Love the color combo.


The Seeker said...

Oh, thank you so much for being at my blog and left such nice note.

I followed your blog for sometime but I've been away because of my lack of time.
I see that you still have your amazing style.

Oh I also thank God for Small Things!

keep in touch


Della Street Dreaming said...

Thank you for lovely Comments!
mervat - so lovely to hear from a fellow Aussie. I tried to get onto to your blog, but failed.
Thanks, La belette - I got straight on to The Seeker & it was worth it!