Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'd Rather be a Chicken than a Mouton.

Yesterday I wore yellow leggings to school. I'm not sure about them because even though they are located at the lower end of my body, they tend to send a sickly glow upwards . And even though Yellow has become The Fashion Colour de Jour, or at least I think it has, it's dodgy.
My staffroom is Formally Known as The Humanities Staffroom. This is an accurate title because there's certainly alot of Humanity in it. Talk can often Turn to Fashion particularly now that we have some stylish Young Ones, like the fab Princess P, pictured above.
But yesterday our fashion talk turned just a Bit Nasty, & I loved it.
At recess, a colleague, Ernestina, a teacher roughly my age who also enjoys fashion, took one look at the yellow tights & said Something Disapproving. I can't quite remember what it was, maybe she compared my legs to a chicken's . I immediately became enraged & began to open my mouth to say, 'Get Effed'. But I quickly remembered my policy about behaving like The Queen Mother at all times, so I closed my mouth & waited for someone to defend me.
Sure enough, my friend Trixie said to Ernestina, 'At least she doesn't look like Mouton Done Up as Lamb, like some people around here'.
I just loved it!
But, to be honest, Ernestina could be right. I think it's time to retire the whole footless tights/legging thing anyway, particularly now that summer's supposedly coming.


Mervat said...

Reading your post has just given me such a belly laugh!! God on your friend for defending you...I think the tights are fab and if you do not really want to wear them anymore that is fine...but do not let ERNESTINA's nastiness change your mind.

...or keep wearing them for the present second winter of 2008...hasn't it been bloody cold lately?! We are half an hour from Katoomba and boy are we feeling the cold!!

Della Street Dreaming said...

Mervat - I saw an incredible photo in today's Sydney Morning Herald showing horses in the snow near the Blue Mountains. It was amazing! I am currently freezing & just about to get the heater out. You must be worse.

see you there! said...

A battle of wits goes on in your break room, huh? I can think of several biting comebacks to "E" but your friend's was clever. Just when you are considering giving up leggings I am looking for some. I know, opposite weather.


Iheartfashion said...

I like the leggings! Definitely not mouton...