Monday, October 13, 2008

Ganesh on a Pig

Now it's over, I'm slightly full of nostalgia for my Holiday. To be honest, I'd been slightly dreading it, because I thought I'd have just a little too much time on my hands to feel Dumped. 
Nothing of the Sort!
I just love this picture of my friends Jenny & Marge taken in my kitchen whilst we were waiting for my daughter to cook us dinner. I'm proudly holding a little damaged figurine of the Hindu God, Ganesh who I've always loved because he reminds me of Babar. Sadly, Ganesh is missing an arm but he still looks fairly majestic sitting on a rather life like miniature pig.
Both Jenny & Marg are posing like Senior News Readers, a job that I know that they both secretly desired. 


La Belette Rouge said...

Love the name of this post. And, I ADORE your green necklace. Hope Ganesh, the god of removing obstacles, removes all obstacles to your perfect happiness.

Della Street Dreaming said...

Thank you so much, la belette! I forgot that Ganesh is the Obstacle Remover. He is just what I need at the moment.