Friday, October 31, 2008

Decorating & the Dumped Woman

Ever since I've been dumped, I've been gradually colonizing my apartment. Pre-dumping, I had exercised restraint. But not anymore. This week I've taken over the bedroom. The chest of drawers features an old plastic torso covered with my own handmade necklaces. It has a little Japanese head with a long white lump of hair that I find quite curious. Then there's the copy of an old pre-Factory Andy Warhol drawing of a shoe that was a gift from a student. I just love doll's house furniture. It's quite hard to buy. But I just found the little tables at a two dollar shop. Alice in Wonderland is sitting on the top of the chest, & tiny Mexican plastic guardian angels that I got in LA this year are on the dressing tables.
All along the bench under the window is my collection of current books & obsessions & on the bottom left is a picture of my Mother who I often mention. Above her is my Godmother Dawn who hasn't spoken to me for about thirty years. I'm not sure what I've done. But I still appreciate her Godmotherliness when I was a child.
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Vasiliisa said...

I still think your jewelry rocks. Any plans to open that etsy store anytime soon?

see you there! said...

I spotted a David Sedaris book there. I'm a fan and an on the wait list at the library for his newest one.

Is that you in the pic next to your Mom? (Yes, I enlarged the photo to see EveryThing, hahaha)


Iheartfashion said...

Maira Kalman, Paula Rego and David Sedaris?
I knew we had lots in common!
LOVE your place.