Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Want to be My Version of Oprah

I've always loved Winston Churchill. And I particularly loved his wit & rudeness. Can you see one of his famous sayings is on my collage?

One of my favourite Little Winston Vignettes is when he was behaving badly at a dinner party. Some Toad Dowager said, 'Sir, You Are Drunk!' Quick as a flash, he replied 'Madam, I AM drunk, but when I wake up in the morning I won't be. But You, Madam are ugly. And sadly, you'll still be ugly in the morning'.

Just in case you didn't bother reading Winston's saying on the collage, I'll tell you what it says: 'Success is going from one failure to the next without any loss of enthusiasm'. I've always loved this & thought it was a great attitude to have.

But now I'm not so sure, particularly if you want to be more like Oprah, which I might want to be but haven't mentioned until now. I'm certainly keen to make some more money so I can go on overseas trips & not worry that the Australian dollar is almost worthless again. And have other homes dotted around the place. And give large sums of money to favourite causes at the drop of a hat. And buy expensive skin care products & procedures. Oh, and have root canal therapy and maybe a couple of tooth implants & expensive whitening. I'd still buy Thrift Shop Outfits though.

Back to the collage. It's got many of my favourite things on it. Marianne Faithfull, David Suchet as Poirot, Joan Crawford, English Schoolgirl Annuals of the fifties, The English actress Margaret Rutherford who played Miss Marple, Bette Davis, Frida Kahlo, Japanese Fashion, the Super-Old artist, Louise Bourgeois, Death Valley & Old Queen Mary.

Anyone got any favourites?

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see you there! said...

Funny coincidence, you posted re Bette Davis yesterday and mentioned her today. I had to go to the Post Office yesterday and among other things buy stamps. I always buy the commemorative stamps. Guess who they have on a stamp... Bette Davis. Yes indeed!

I've always admired W. Churchill and your collage is great.


Della Street Dreaming said...

Thank you Darla! I love the little coincidence! We're on the same page!

Mervat said...

Love the collage and that quote is a fav. of mine! You have given me an idea of putting together a collage for when my son was hospitalised last year (my blog is up and running now and hopefully you can now access it). I have lots of bits of information, test results and notes I made to myself which I think will 'collage' together well plus the added bonus of being quite therapeutic. Thank you my dear Della!

Mervat said...

PS Oprah could do with some of your style and panache!