Friday, October 31, 2008

Icons Coming Out of Every Orifice

I'm on a roll.
I just can't stop posting things on here. It is now Officially Looking Like I Don't Have a Life. But Who cares?
This is another little mixed media collage featuring that Iconic Model from the fifties, Lisa Fossagrives. You'd be forgiven for not recognising her because I made her look like a Crack Addict, which I'm sure she wasn't. I've given her a little jewelled headress & placed her inside a horse's head but I am not meaning to compare her to one.
I believe Lisa was married to another Icon, the photographer Irving Penn.
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Sheila said...

I like all the oranges and reds in this. Irving Penn's photographs are wonderful.

Mervat said...

Thank you for allowing us to enjoy the results of your artistic ability. Please,keep posting your collages (and any other titbits of information that take your fancy!!

see you there! said...

Can't post too often for me. I enjoy the chance to see some of your artistic creations - other than what you wear which is always creative.


Della Street Dreaming said...

Thank you Mervat. Great to see that your blog is up & running!
And thanks Darla. You are always so encouraging to me

Della Street Dreaming said...

Sheila - I love Irving's photos as well. He's always been a bit of an inspiration.