Monday, November 3, 2008

My Belated Contribution to Halloween

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We don't celebrate Halloween in Australia. There's a kind of half-arsed attempt by kids & teenagers to pretend that we celebrate it, but it never works. For instance, two charming kids in my apartment building, one six & one twelve trawled the floors trick or treating. By the time they reached my place their little basket had a couple of Chupa Chups & two packets of v. bland looking Shortbread Biscuits in it. I, of course had nothing to give them as it didn't occur to me that it was Halloween. I felt a bit mean particularly as the six year old was wearing a v. large witches hat. So I overcompensated by handing over part of my prized collection of Mexican skeletons so that they could at least decorate their room while they ate the lousy shortbread & sucked the Chupa Chups.
Sadly, I think they thought I was Giving Them the skeletons while I only intended them to be ON LOAN. And I realise that if I knock on their door asking for them back I'm going to look a bit like Larry David in 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' - you know, incredibly petty & lousy & Scrooge-like particularly to children. So I'm just going to Let it Go or as my daughter says, 'Suck It Up Mum'.
The photo of shoe lets & feet is my contribution to Halloween. God knows, it's Ghoulish Enough. 
Let me explain. Shoe Lets have become a Small Theme in our Staffroom as Trixie keeps buying them from Ye Olde Wares Shoppe in a Remote Pastoral Location.  She's been giving them out as gifts to her V. Special Pals, like me. I couldn't help but include them with my own feet that are sporting a Disgusting Failure of a Pedicure. I found an ad in a magazine for O.P.I nail polish which suggested having a french manicure using black & white nail polish. 
What an intriguing idea, I thought. So I rushed off to 'USA Nails' & had it done. From a distance, my toes just look chipped. Up close, you can barely make out it's done on purpose but it doesn't make it look any better. They may as well be chipped.
And take a look at the little toe on my right foot. Enlarge the photo if you like. It's worth it to see that the toe is purple. No, I haven't got gangrene & it's Not Dirt. I'm not sure what it is. Maybe it's the reflection of the black polish.

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see you there! said...

Those wooden shoe things (molds? lasts?) are terrific. I'd be tempted to collage one.

French manicure/pedicure? I'll pass, LOL! I do like a traditional clear/white French manicure tho.