Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dressed for Resentment

 Tuesday  was Melbourne Cup Day. It's a Big Yawn of a Horse Race that the whole nation is supposed to stop for each year. Every office has a Melbourne Cup Sweep & people flock to  Melbourne Cup Lunches. It's all supposed to be a Big Celebration of the Great Aussie Larrikin Spirit of getting Fall down Drunk & Really Boring whilst wearing a Bad Outfit.
In some parts of Australia like Melbourne where the race is held, it's a public holiday. But not in Sydney. And quite frankly, I'm glad. 
As you can see, I was at my usual post at the whiteboard. But I'm Dressed for The Cup anyway. If you enlarge the photo you may see that I'm wearing a necklace that I made myself featuring a painting of a horse.
I'm Nothing if Not Appropriately Themed.
The expensive shoe shop that every Wannabe Fashionista flocks to on the weekend that I  mentioned in my last post had cute little racehorses in the window in front of Hugely Overpriced & Impossible to Wear Follow Me Home Stilettos. They're the kind of shoes that Avid Racegoers totter down the street in after a few bottles of champers desperately holding on to their Precariously Perched Floral Fascinators & freezing their tits off because they're wearing dresses up to their arses & it's not that warm yet. 
God, can't you feel the Resentment just Dripping off the Blog?


workthatwardrobe said...

Your post took me back to earlier this year and the Grand National which takes place a few miles from here in Aintree.
I love getting the train that week especially on Ladies Day - the girls are as inappropriately dressed as the comments which come out of their perfectly painted mouths.
That's on the way there.
On the way back the make-up has been smeared and the hair is all over the place (it's always windy). It's such fun.

see you there! said...

You paint a hilarious picture of the Avid Racegoers and their Precariously Perched Floral Fascinators. Made me giggle.


PS: my word verification today is UPEST. Are you trying to tell me something???? LOL!

Billie-Mae K said...

Lol that perfectly captures the type that goes to races! We had some shinies stumbling around lyneham on the day - god knows why, there isn't a racetrack or social photographer in miles.

Thinking of you,