Monday, November 10, 2008

The D Word

After thinking Long & Hard for a good ten minutes, I still haven't thought up an alternative title to 'Being Dumped'.
But I have got an Update on The State of Play. 
After not hearing a thing from Mr Ex-Middleaged for nigh on eleven weeks, I finally got a text from him asking for a meeting. We met & I was surprised at how Fabulously Charming I could be. Being Dumped had clearly agreed with me.
 It was as if I was being operated by Remote Control by a Higher Power. Funny, sexy, cool, kittenish & wise with just a tinge of sadness. How could he resist me?
He, on the other hand was channelling Woody Allen - all nervous tics & tie straightening. 
We've agreed to see each other every week or two in a kind of Friendly Dating Scenario.

 We went out to dinner last saturday night. I must say it definitely feels weird to go out on a Real Date with someone you've been with for fourteen years & to wonder at the end of the night whether or not you should invite him up to your place for coffee even though it's really his place too. 
When I was telling my daughter about this I apologised & hoped I wasn't giving her too much information. She said, 'It's all right Mum. I got used to the idea of parents behaving like adolescents from watching  'The O.C.'  
Television can often be Educational.


Sheila said...

How bizarre to date someone you've lived with for so long.

Is that Bette Davis in your painting?

see you there! said...

Hope the seeing/dating works for you. Just watch yourself. Most of the time when that happens the women end up being used - doing the laundry and other assorted...


PS - my word varification was UNMEN. Ahem!!!!

Della Street Dreaming said...

This is the second synchronous word verification you've had with me, Darla. I must have a Magic Blog.
Sheila - yes the painting is of Bette in my favourite role as Margo Channing in 'All About Eve'.