Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Not Sartorially Repeating Myself

It's rare that I wear an item of clothing or jewellry two days in a row. In fact I can go for weeks and weeks without Sartorially Repeating Myself. 
Now that's Some Boast. But it's true. 
Come to think of it, I'm sure I could go for up to two months, perhaps even longer wearing a different outfit every day of the week including weekends.
I'm tempted now to scamper into my bedroom and count the dresses that are hanging up in my wardrobe just to prove to you that I could. But I couldn't be bothered. Anyway, you'd think I was lying.
I just love the fact that nearly all of it is Someone Else's Cast Offs. And that I paid something like $8 or less for each thing. 
Today I paid $15 for a pair of  pony-skin (hairy leather?) red 'Bettina Liano' mules. That's getting up to Top Price for me. And I did pay $49 for my polka-dot Melbourne Cup outfit of last week.
I know I'm sounding just a trifle Smug & Self-Satisfied. But I can't help it. Indulge me a little.

Talking of Smug, I couldn't help posting this picture I ripped out of 'Zinc' cafe's copy of 'New York' Magazine. I'm sure that Yana Kamps, the proud owner of this amazingly well-0rdered monochromatic wardrobe who's   sitting up in her East Village apartment is a Perfectly Nice Person. It's just that I'm jealous in a really sneery way. 
I really shouldn't be jealous because I'm sure I wouldn't want to wear any of that stuff.  I wear Black V. Sparingly and only on v. rare occasions Wear White because I'm quite dirty & have never developed Proper Laundry Skills because my mother never encouraged it. Maybe she thought I'd always have Hired Help.

Before closing, I want to return to my two wardrobe pictures. In case you hadn't bothered to notice, the Wardrobe Repeat was the Zebra necklace, which is a particular favourite of mine at the moment along with my Black Faux Chanel Necklace. 
Oh, you may notice the charming portrait of Norman Bates on the whiteboard. I'm currently teaching 'Psycho'. It's almost worth it to enlarge the photo to get a better look. But you be the judge.


see you there! said...

Your zebra necklace is great. I have a zebra pin somewhere. I'll have to dig it out and send you a pic.

Now - your assignment is to go find that great yellow belt you have and put it on with that red striped dress. Ok?


Sheila said...

God, a black and white wardrobe would be so BORING.

You look great in both of these outfits!

I just watched "Psycho" (up to the end of the shower scene) recently. I am not sure what possessed my dad to introduce me to that movie when I was 10!

Did you know that that is the movie that introduced movie start times to the public? Before that, you could just show up any old time and leave when you came in. But Hitchcock didn't want people to give away the surprises in the film, so he insisted on fixed start times.

Della Street Dreaming said...

Oh Darla - Yes! that great yellow belt! I forgot about it! thank you
Would love to see your Zebra pin too

Della Street Dreaming said...

thanks Sheila - it's amazing that your Dad showed it to you at 10 - But it's a work of art !

hollarback said...

That is a dull woman with a dull wardrobe. Bleh. It looks like a perfectly well ordered movie closet - not real at all - a prop. No more, no less. And how rich is she? Most New Yorkers entire apts are the size of that closet.