Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Betty Bacon Goes to A Party

This is Officially Not an Explanation.

But I just thought that you might like to know that I've been Slightly Sick. Maybe a v. mild virus, with a hint of Existential Ennui thrown in.

But I've got such a lot to Bang on About that I Must Post Now.

The pictures above are from a House Leaving Party that I attended on saturday evening. The House that is About to be Left to a shiny new owner is a Serious Sydney House. That means that it has Views. The particular view that this house has is The Pacific Ocean which is fab, but not quite as fab as having Harbour views. I've been to a party at this house before, so I was thrilled to be invited to another one.

It's always a little awkward to go to a party alone. I walked up to the front door clutching a v. reasonably priced bottle of Merlot, found it was open & walked in. And There I Am! An unknown person is standing in the hallway & I say hi. They grunt & then I walk into the huge living room with the pool & the Ocean all laid out in front of me & look for any familiar faces.

I spot the Hostess who looks glamourous in a Long Halter-Neck Sheath even though it feels like Late Autumn again when it's Almost Summer. I am dressed Autumnally in a Thrifted wool-like substance coatdress. I'm Nothing if Not Appropriately Dressed for the Weather Regardless of Season. 

Then I spy an Dear Old Friend who's chatting to Barbara & Joan, a couple of his friends that I like & would like to get to know better. It's a great thing when you go to a party alone & then you suddenly see your friends. It's like arriving at a Safe Harbour.

I was so relieved & excited to see them that of course I immediately began Oversharing. I started to tell in great detail The Story of My Dumping. Every little Twist & Turn including important background information about our relationship going back many years. A Complete Stranger came up & joined the group, but that didn't stop me. I just kept going. I would like to tell you that after a while a small crowd gathered around  me, hanging on my every word, &  urging me to go on in even more gruesome detail.

Sadly, that didn't happen. Instead, the host's black cocker spaniel, who is deaf & blind, knocked into Joan & started pathetically whining. Immediately all the attention went to the dog. I was crushed.

But I managed to bring the spotlight back to me by loudly bragging to anyone who'd listen that all my clothes are thrifted. That's always a great Conversation Starter, I find.  Barbara revealed that her wonderful 'Prada' bag, pictured above, was also thrifted. I just knew that we had something in common! 

Vive La Thrifte!

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Sheila said...

So glad you're all right - was beginning to wonder.

Sounds like the party was a blast. I empathize over your plight - being upstaged by a whiny dog is just annoying.

see you there! said...

Terrific outfit. Those necklaces? Swoon. Are they ivory? I know ivory is an "endangered-don't-buy" these days but there is a lot of the old stuff around (I have some).


Della Street Dreaming said...

Thank you Sheila!
Darla - I put the necklaces together from various other ones. They're a mixture of plastic & maybe wood.

Kelly C. said...

Sue, you kill me!!! sorry you have been feeling sick... it's going around in my neighborhood as well. you look gorgeous as always--why wouldn't you share the love of the thrift?!

Janet said...

Existential Ennui- oh yes, very familiar with that! And I have gone to many parties alone, so I know exactly how you felt. But looking good IS the best revenge! Hope you are feeling better.

Jane said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better and still out shocking everyone. My friends visibly shudder when I tell them I get clothes form the charity shop - I love it!