Monday, November 3, 2008

Broken Vases & Honest Blogs

I just love this image. It was an Complete Unfortunate Accident. These wonderful little vases have been mine for years. But in one fell swoop they were Over. A large plate crashed on it. Just like me.

The Honest Blog Award.                                                                                                   
More than a week ago, Jane, from workthatwardrobe
kindly awarded me an Honest Blog award. All I have to do is pass it on to another seven blogs. 
I still haven't done it. 
It's not that I'm Ungrateful. I'm thrilled.
But But But But But..........
No excuses. I'm doing it this week.  Oh, & I've found an Australian blog to award. Maybe I'm a patriot after all.


Jane said...

Don't worry about the delay - looking forward to seeing your answers.

Sheila said...

I was lazy and didn't nominate any blogs (I don't read that many, to be honest).

You're already very open about yourself. Don't feel pressured. :)

Della Street Dreaming said...

thanks Sheila. I'm actually really relieved that you said that about reading many blogs. It is incredibly time consuming & I'm already taking time out during the day to attend to The Blog World. It's actually a whole discussion that I'd like to have.

Ro Bruhn said...

Ohh, look on the bright side, I can see a crazy piece of mosaic being made from your broken ladies.

Billie-Mae K said...

Oh no mum! I can't believe they're finally gone!

At least we'll have this artful and profesh pic to carry us through their absence...



P.S. Have now favorited and RSS'd your blog. :P