Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Who Would Have Thought that A Filing Cabinet Could Be Alladin's Cave?

Today I was full of energy.
 Not that I'm usually sluggish.  But I came to school, sat at my desk & immediately corrected five exam essays on 'Psycho'. 
Then I did something almost unprecedented: I opened up the drawers of my filing cabinet. As a rule, I eschew Filing Cabinets & those nasty dividers that live inside them. And I hate keeping stuff like Notes on Wordsworth or Lear or Arthur Miller or Ad Nauseum. I leave all that to my Hardworking Colleagues who I rely on to provide me with  the Relevant Teaching Materials on a Need to Know basis. 
 My Filing Cabinet is full of things that I have either permanently or temporarily discarded  - spare clothes, action figures, magazines, old debating trophies, wigs etc. 
Today when I opened it, it was Almost, but Not Quite like going into Aladdin's Cave. All sorts of things, both pleasant & unpleasant popped out at me.
A pleasant discovery was this marvellous  yellow waistcoat that I must have thrifted some time back that Princess Pip immediately pounced on & claimed for her own. 
An unpleasant discovery was a a load of smelly old Educational Pamphlets that had been silently rotting in the bottom drawer gathering mould for years.
As you can see, I  removed them, but not before my New Trusty Photographer, Goldie took a snap. 
 I'm Dressed for Action in my Official Faux Chanel outfit, including one of my own homemade necklaces featuring a cameo & the Number 5, in honour of Chanel's favourite perfume that I swear smells like Cat's Wee.
I thought that I'd lost my wonderful thrifted YSL flats that I'm wearing today, but they were only under the spare bed. It was almost worth the pain & anguish of losing them to experience the joy of rediscovery! 
The wonderful Faux Chanel top is a gift from my best friend Marge. She got it from our favourite shop, 'Anthropologie'.
I just had a thought: maybe my urge to clear out all the Old Stuff is something to do with moving on from 'Being Dumped'
As Enid Blyton would say, 'Hurrah'!!!!!!


Janet said...

Love the "Chanel" look, especially the necklace you made. Hope you post it on W_R so we can get a better look. How does it feel to be LIBERATED?

see you there! said...

Could it be you are experiencing all that energy because you have mentally lightened the, Um... Load... so to speak?

Love the necklace and your Chanel tribute.


Claude said...

The Duchess and Fat and Rude were talking about this site over lunch so I decided to have a look while they were out.

I think I know this broad.

Not impressed by the "Cat Wee" comment. We cats don't "wee" we are we. We micturates or urinates and, in the Cross, usually on a litter.