Thursday, November 20, 2008

Home Decorating Update

At school I've got The Filing Cabinet to keep me occupied, but at Home I've got the whole apartment. And I've certainly been busy.
The drinks trolley has been cheered up with The New York skyline. The large ceramic structure which combines a French Country Cottage & The Chrysler Building was made by my Step-son Stuart when he was fourteen. He's twenty-three today. I've been collecting the miniature skyscrapers over many visits to NYC.
The little Chinese Cloth Doll was a gift from my friend Marge. She's sitting on a miniature carved African chair which now sits in the living room.
The Puppet theatre is sitting on an antique cedar chest of drawers that was my childhood dressing table. The pastel portrait of me was commissioned many years ago by Mr. Ex-Middleaged. 


Janet said...

Hope you come to NY again sometime soon!!! Janavi

see you there! said...

And the grannie-squares-afghan in front of the chest is from...?? I swear I have one of those in my trunk of UFO's.


dlittlegarden said...

Terrific decorating! So cheerful and full of stories and memories. I need to start home-ifying my place. It's been 2 1/2 yrs since I moved to New York, and most of my stuff is still in boxes!