Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Which of Henry the Eighth's Wives do I Most Resemble?

This is not a trick question. And it is one that most of you reading this would certainly NOT be able to answer.
I can barely answer it myself.
But I was pondering on it this morning in the staffroom while I was trying to think of an alternative heading to 'Being Dumped'. As I explained in my last post, I'm moving out of that phase & into another one. And I want to come up a new label.
I'm not sure why I thought of dear Henry. I've never been interested in him & he really doesn't have much in common with Mr. Ex-Middleaged. In fact, on the eve of his 55th birthday which  happens to be today, Mr. Ex has just lost ten kilos, a feat that Henry never hoped nor perhaps WANTED to achieve. 
Anyway, I asked  my Learned Colleagues which of Henry's wives I most resembled. 
The Duchess, who is The Font of All Knowledge both Great & Small immediately said, 'Anne of Cleves'.
'Why so?' I asked.
'Well, she got to keep her head which was more than can be said for her successor, Katherine Howard. And she also kept her heart because Henry never bothered living with her because he thought she was too ugly. He thought she looked like some kind of Mare.'

So far there's no similarity that I can spot.

But then The Duchess said that Henry generously gave her all kinds of wonderful Real Estate & she spent loads of dough on Expensive Gowns & she was happy & wonderful to everyone including Henry's children. Her only vices were a love of ale & gambling.
Yes! That's Me!  
But I still want to come up with a new label.


La Belette Rouge said...

I don't think I look much like any of his wives except on the occasions when I lose my pretty little head.;-)

I do have the deepest affection for Catherine of Aragon. Every time I read about her I always hope it turns out differently and Henry gives up Ann Boleyn. He never does.

Jane said...

The post made me think of one of my favourite books, "The Contsant Princess" by Phillippa Gregory about Catherine of Aragon.
I'd like to think I was most like her but probably I was the mouthy one (Anne) who got her head chopped off although not quite so beautiful.

see you there! said...

I don't know which wife you resemble but lets hope Mr. Ex-Middleaged doesn't resemble Henry. I've been reading "Sovereign" and it doesn't paint a very handsome picture of him.


Mervat said...

Please forgive the psychological mumbo jumbo I am about to get into, but him leaving you 10kg ago, losing weight and now in contact with you again...hmmmmm. I wonder if he felt good enough for you in the first place! So, I say lose the Being Dumped label and all that goes with it, and go for something that liberates You!

Della Street Dreaming said...

La Belette - I know what you mean about wanting Henry to behave differently. Now you mention Poor Catherine, I must now go research her story.

Jane - Someone at my cafe just recommended a book by Phillippa Gregory to me. Must go get it.
I'm sure that you're miles more beautiful than Anne, by the way!
Darla - no, I don't think that Mr.Ex is anything like old Henry, but I do enjoy poking fun at him even though I know he doesn't read my blog!
Mervat - Hi! I just LOVE your comment. I hadn't actually thought along those lines. Thank you!