Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Food Nazi

Yesterday, the Head of English bought a little pan of chocolate chip muffins into the staffroom & offered them around.
When she went out of the room, I went ballistic &  threw them on the floor, eventually tipping them upside down so no one would dare eat them.
This follows a similar but slightly less dramatic incident that occurred  last week involving the Long Dormant Candy Jar that someone had filled with little chocolates. I absolutely forbade anyone to eat any. But of course they took No Notice & now there are None Left. 
I sincerely hope that Everyone in my Staffroom  except me & my Loyal friends Trixie & Sue gets Type 2 Diabetes.

But I must say that my little  thrifted pink suede shoes look quite good next to the Muffin Pan. I wish I could say the same for the rest of the outfit. It doesn't look too bad in the photo, but In Real Life it was Far Too Big, creating a Strange Oversized Hourglass Effect. 
Or was it Pear? 
  This is a problem when One has a Thrifting Addiction.   When a  great dress costs five bucks & a blouse is $3 & there's nothing else in the shop to buy, you buy it, regardless of it's size. Leaving empty-handed would be unthinkable.
 But the great thing about Thrifting is that there's Absolutely No Buyer's Remorse. Once you realise that an item is Unwearable, you just put it in the Rapidly Growing Unwearable Pile & move on to another outfit.
I've just decided that that's the attitude that I'm going to take with Men from now on. As soon as I realise that a Man is Unwearable, I'll place him on the top of the pile & Move On. 


Kasmira said...

Those shoes are SO adorable! I wish I had found them!

see you there! said...

I like your attitude about the Unwearable Pile - both for the clothes and for men, LOL!