Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fake It Till You Make It

It may be Winter in my Heart at the moment, but inside my apartment, it's Spring.
I'm usually an unabashed fan of Fake Flowers, or fake anything for that matter, but right now my place is bursting with The Real Thing. 
In the first photo, can you see the little fake bird I've stuck on the yellow flowers, whose name I've forgotten?  I made sure I captured the view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge which is a great thing to look out on when peeling vegetables.
The next photo is Wonderwoman's Garden at Night. You may notice the little bunches of parsley on the side. I always think  parsley is a wonderful but slightly overlooked Decorating Tool. 
Even though they look fake, the tulips are real. I'm hoping to get a few more days out of them.  The coloured glass bird is actually a very old 'Avon' bottle  still half full of 'Deep Woods' after shave. I just smelt it & it was hard to tell if it had gone off or not.
The blossoms & the candles make up The Spring Altar on the dining table.  
I know that I sound like my old Irish-Australian Grandmother, but I'm a great believer in the Power of Lighting Candles to Get What You Want. From an early age, My Nan would help me light candles at the local parish church to ask for whatever I wanted from God. I can't possibly imagine what I would have asked for. Probably some fancy talking doll who cried & pee-ed at the same time. The candle on the left is a gift from Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. I'm hoping that it carrys some cachet with God, because I've got a lot riding on it.


see you there! said...

The view from your window must be worth the price of the real estate. I'd stand there by the hour.

Yes to candle lighting. I believe in positive thought because to some degree what you think or focus on is what comes to you.

Ok, now you know I'm a woo-ee new age, Berkeley, Ca type who can't quite shake her hippy roots.

Stop laughing!


Frances said...

Your flowers are lovely. I hope the candles work.

Sheila said...

What pretty vignettes! Those tulips are lovely. I love your goofy little tchotkes.

beki said...

Very often computer is candle for me.
So, your Spring Altar is a little bit... mine :)