Saturday, September 20, 2008

I Need More Outfits, Not More Blogs

Sometimes I envy those people who are so industrious that they have more than one blog, maybe even three of four.  All the Four Corners of their lives are Blogged. 
I've thought about it  &  even come up with some catchy names - 'Whiteboard Wardrobe' for my English Teachers Wardrobe Diary; 'Toy Relationships' for photos of my Dysfunctional Action Figures In & Out of Love & 'Diary of a Dumping', for my musings on Being Dumped. I could also have a food one, even though I've temporarily lost interest in eating. I quite like the sound of 'The Hopeful Turnip', a catchy title which accurately captures my zest for root vegetables.
But the fact is that I don't think I could manage more than one blog. 
And do I really think that I'm that fascinating that people would be prepared to spend their whole lives trawling from one of my rants to the next & to the next, day in & day out?
Of course not.
So, this blog will have to do. 
Today's rant really wants to be about me watching 'Rear Window' partly on mute while I type. There's so much to say about this fab Hitchcock film, starring James Stewart & Grace Kelly, but I'm going to be strong & save it for Next Post. 
Good. I'm finally in control.
Now....... I'm going to rant about what I intended to rant about which is Shopping for Clothes. Yesterday afternoon after school, I trotted off to Bondi Junction Westfield Shopping Mall to attend a Body Balance class at the gym. But before the class started, I decided to check the shops out to see what Spring/Summer was going to look like. Because I buy just about everything at thrift stores or markets, I haven't really been looking at new things. 
What a Pain in the Arse.
I walked into 'Sportsgirl', a large chain store with a supposed finger on the pulse & to my horror, the whole place was awash with Cheap Floral dresses & tops & little flouncy skirts all with a Done to Death Hippie Indian Folkloric Feel. And masses of fake silver & gold bangles & necklaces & dangly earrings & huge fake leather bags dripping with loads of fringing. Oh, & I almost forgot - The Gladiator Sandal. Actually, hold on a minute, when was the last time the gladiator sandal was in fashion? Was it ever in fashion outside Ancient Rome, or am I suffering from Selective Amnesia? Maybe it's a new idea.
Maybe not.

I trudged off to the gym feeling slightly depressed. I was just itching to find some fab outfit that would help me Get My Groove Back.  And the Mean Shop didn't have anything. 
But just in the nick of time, my Inner Pollyanna emerged - you know, The Glad Gal, who's always able to make a sow's purse out of a pig's ear.  I got up this morning - it's saturday, & drove to the Rozelle Market. In no time found myself a cute red  faux retro used dress & an early nineties zebra necklace which restored my faith in The World of Wardrobe.

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Awesome Abby said...

I dream up blogs I'd like to have the time to post on every day, too. My top two would be "What Shall We Eat Today" and then the next would be "Thrifty Goodness". I do good to post to the ONE I have, though.....maybe when I'm 82.