Sunday, September 7, 2008

From a Sow's Ear to a Silk Purse.

Lately, with all the Life-Changing Turmoil in my life you'd think that I'd forgotten my wardrobe. Not a bit of it. Although I do seem to be viewing everything through gauze at present, I'm still getting up each day, & putting on clothes.
 As I stand in my Sad Shower with the lousy water pressure & the sudden unwelcome changes in  temperature, I plan the day's outfit. Then I try & make it a Reality. It's not an easy job.
Friday's outfit hopefully looked better In Real Life. It was intended to be a clever attempt at turning a Too Young Dress into an Age Appropriate Outfit. You know, a Sow's Ear into a Silk Purse. I thought that all I needed to do was to to add a Matronly Skirt & some Mature Beads & magically it would be transformed.  Sadly no. And I'm not just saying that for people to say, 'Della, you're wrong. You look Perfect'.  I now think that if a dress is Too Young, no matter how many Matronly Touches you add, it's always going to be Too Young.
And then there's the matter of the Foot Treatment. 
I'm a great lover of sockettes, but with reservations. The Little Rascals won't stay on my feet. Just when I feel that the Sockettes & Me are getting on well & we're happily walking down the street together, one sockette quietly slips off my heel, closely followed by the other one. Then I've got to stop & put them in place again. 
Always the problem solver, I devised a simple method to prevent Sockette Creep: I pull down footless tights over my heel & then pop  the rogue sockettes on top. Then they stay in place. As you can see from the photo, it's a form of Foot Layering which certainly adds interest, but possibly not in a good way. The jury's still out on this one. Maybe it's just too cutsy.

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see you there! said...

I'm going to say it anyway. 'Della, you're wrong." I really like the color combo. I think the beads should be bright turquoise tho and the jury is out about the whole foot thing.