Thursday, September 4, 2008

'I'm With the Band'.

Life's full of Little Surprises!
An unexpected bonus of Being Dumped is that my best friend Marge, who lives half a world away, rings or emails me nearly every day. And I've noticed that other people have been More Than Usually Nice to me as well. You know, coming up to me in the staffroom, looking really interested but slightly constipated while asking, 'And how ARE you really?'
For my part, I'm not Playing the Victim Card, but Bravely Soldiering On with Grit & Determination while wearing a dizzying array of Thrifted Outfits, mainly in Brown. I feel quite well-qualified to take on this role because I've seen it so often in movies, maybe starring Meg Ryan or Meryl Streep or in later years, Jennifer Aniston.
But the truth is, I'm more a Bette Midler Type. What wouldn't I give now for that huge Mermaid's Tail she wears in her stage shows?
Oh, I'm really getting into my stride now, thinking of all the films I've loved that have featured Dumped Woman. My absolute Role Model for Being Dumped with Dignity would have to be Greer Garson during her heyday in the forties. I must do a whole blog post on this topic.
But none of this is what I intended to say & it certainly doesn't go with the photo I've posted.
I wanted to say that just when I was feeling a little more chipper, I got sick with a sore throat & a blocked nose. I'm sure at least part of the reason for this is that I became Totally Overheated & Excited at school  by a lunchtime concert by one the 'Stars' of 'Australian Idol', Rickie Lee. Perfectly lovely & charming girls who could tear 'King Lear' to pieces with their bare hands  or who could confidently discuss Worldworth's attitude to Nature became like Crazed Evangelicals speaking in tongues at a Revival Meeting.  O, I hope I haven't offended anyone here. But I can't imagine they'd be too many Multi-Tongued people reading this. 
Anyway, I got up on stage next to Rickie & frantically took photos.  After a few moments, I realised that, what a shame, I really WAS meant to be a Rock Photojournalist after all. No wonder I always resented Linda McCartney.
But then I got the cold.


workthatwardrobe said...

Rock on!

see you there! said...

I confess I don't have a clue about most of the people you mention.

As for "Multi-Tongued"? Do cuss words count? I may qualify.